“David has served as our corporate attorney and our general counsel since our inception through our acquisition by a publicly traded company. David’s careful attention, practical judgment and technical skills have helped us to grow and achieve our potential as a business. He has been an indispensable partner!”

 “David helped position and facilitate the sale of my small business Rest Assured Bedding. The elegant closing agreements David created were executed without one modification. This is a testament to David’s pertinent and efficient legal capabilities, which translated to a stress free and expeditious closing for me. Thank you David!”

 “I have both referred David and utilized his services as an attorney. His attention to detail and willingness to function in an advisory capacity resulted in a lease providing more appropriate detail that lead to a 66% increase in rent over a 3 year period.”

“David King has represented me in a host of legal matters and I have to say, he is the first attorney I actually trust. Consequently, I have referred many of my business and personal relations to David for legal services and they all have continually thanked me for that advice.”

“David has been a huge help with our start up. He’s helped us focus on our immediate needs while giving us a roadmap of the things we will need to keep in mind down the line. He’s been fantastic at working with our budget, but is still present enough to feel like part of our team. I feel confident we will be able to avoid many of the horror stories I have heard from other founders thanks to David!”

 “David is an incredible advocate. He is so well-versed on complex legal issues that they almost seem like second nature to him. His true talent, however, lay in his incredible communications skills. David is able to simply state the issue in its most basic terms, which in turn focuses his advocacy to a razor sharp point. I had the pleasure of doing some work for him, and learned more in my time with David than I have in all my years since.”

 “As an attorney, David is a breath of fresh air; he is incredibly friendly and articulate. He doesn’t speak in a way that might confuse or demean his client, as so many attorneys do. Rather than trying to impress clients with complex vernacular and legal lingo, David impresses others with his straightforward and respectful manner. I most highly recommend working with David!”

 “I came to him with a relatively absurd business concept and he didn’t even bat an eye. He treated this pipe-dream with utter respect, which furthered my confidence in my endeavor. Thanks David!”

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