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The King Law Firm assists corporations and other business entities through their formation, equity transactions, joint ventures, business acquisition or sale, governance, taxation and dissolution. We represent corporations, partnerships, LLCs and other entities operating in industries ranging from health care to high-tech manufacturing. We provide general counsel services that assist our clients through their ongoing business operations, and we prepare them for growth toward future transactions.

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Structuring Complex Business Transactions With An Eye On Tax Savings​

The King Law Firm guides our clients through the execution of significant transactions and the development of their businesses. We represent clients through a variety of business transactions:

Tax counsel assists with all corporate formations, mergers & acquisitions, organic changes and material transactions. Such skills and experience allow our clients to execute deals in a manner that preserves more capital for our clients and less for the treasury.

David King has practiced corporate law on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, representing clients at all stages of development from incorporation to public offerings of securities. David has advised clients in public securities offerings totaling over $17 billion. Such securities offerings included debt, equity and hybrid-derivative instruments.

David represented Silicon Valley start-up companies through all corporate matters, including $42 million of venture capital financing, licensing agreements, employee option plans and bridge loans. He negotiated and closed mergers & acquisitions worth over $325 million and represented underwriters and issuers in numerous initial public offerings.

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